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Table 1 ■■■

From: A survey of time consistency of dynamic risk measures and dynamic performance measures in discrete time: LM-measure perspective

   \(\mathcal {X}\) WA WR sWA sWR MA MR STR Sub Sup
Example 3   L p      
Example 4   L p          
Example 5   \(\mathbb {V}^{p}\)          
Example 6   \(\mathbb {V}^{p}\)          
Example 7   \(\mathbb {V}^{p}\)         
Example 8 γ≥0 L p  
Example 9 γ t L p         \(\checkmark ^{*}\)
  γ t          \(\checkmark ^{**}\)  
Example 10   L p   
  1. *if γ t ≥0
  2. **if γ t ≤0